Red Dot Network


The Red Dot Network connects companies, designers and agencies from all over the world and offers them a platform for the exchange of information, knowledge, views and networking.


About the Red Dot Network

The Red Dot Award has been attracting companies, agencies and designers over two decades. Our design competition and our international activities have led to the emergence of a global design community, for whom we now want to provide a suitable home.

At the request of our award-winners and jurors, we launched a digital platform on 1 October 2019, in order to bring together manufacturers, architects, designers, design studios, agencies and jurors. Our vision is to develop a unique design network where members enjoy numerous exclusive benefits. They are given access to the members-only area of the website, encouraging them also to directly contact other award-winners and jurors.

It is not only Red Dot in its role as a promotor of design, but above all the companies, designers and to a very large extent the competition jurors that will breathe life into this network. Red Dot would like to give manufacturers, architects, designers, design studios, agencies, as well as design consultancies the opportunity to become members of the network.

The annual fee for a membership of the Red Dot Network is 1,000 euros net. There is no automatic extension. As a Red Dot Network Member you will receive numerous services and benefits, which we would like to introduce to you here.



Members of the Red Dot Network enjoy a range of exclusive benefits. They profit amongst others from access to more than 20,000 award-winning products, projects and concepts from 2011-2019. Here you can first take a look at the prizewinners of the current year (approx. 2,700 Red Dot Winners).

In addition, as a Red Dot Network Member you will gain numerous insights into the Red Dot World: Selected lectures and films by Professor Dr. Peter Zec as well as numerous leading designers from all over the world, such as Ad van Berlo, Bas Raijmakers, Krister Torssell, Joe Lockwood, Mugendi K. Rithaa, Gordon Bruce, Leon CruickshankSarah CampbellHideshi Hamaguchi and Peter Schreyer.

As a member you will also receive an exclusive overview of all Red Dot: Design Teams since 2003, Red Dot: Agencies of the Year since 2008 and Red Dot: Brands of the Year since 2010. 

How to become a Red Dot Network Member

As the quality of any network depends on its choice of members, the Red Dot Network pays great attention to which manufacturers, agencies, designers and design studios may become members and thereby add substance to the forum. There are two ways to become a member: Either by being nominated from one of the Red Dot Ambassadors or by applying for membership.

The annual fee for a membership of the Red Dot Network is 1,000 euros net (no automatic extension).

Red Dot Ambassadors

The Red Dot Ambassadors are instrumental in the establishment of the network as they appoint its members. As current or former jurors of the Red Dot Award, they have incomparable industry knowledge and valuable contacts to big names in the sector.

You wish to become a member?

Would you like to belong to the inner circle of the Red Dot World? To join the community, it is necessary to apply for membership. The Red Dot committee will evaluate your application and decide whether to grant membership.


You wish to get a 24-hour ticket?

Some benefits, e. g. access to all Red Dot Winners since 2011, can also be used for a limited period of time. With the 24-hour ticket you can log-in immediately into the network. You may interrupt your 24-hour session at any time and log-in a soften as you like during this period.

The fee for a 24-hour ticket is 30 euros net (for 24 hours directly after paying).


Any further questions? Get in touch with Ms Sabine Wöll, project manager of Red Dot Network.

Tel: +49 201 83 88 85 - 21