Red Dot Network


The annual fee for a membership of the Red Dot Network is 1,000 euros net.
There is no automatic extension.

As a Red Dot Network Member you will receive numerous services and benefits:

  • The right to use the Red Dot Network Label on all communication materials, e. g. in letterheads or email signatures
  • Two free-of-charge award submissions per year for all three Red Dot competitions including additional costs, e. g. digital material and outsized products
  • Access to 20,000 award-winning products, projects and concepts (of all three Red Dot competitions)
  • Access to a fine selection of Peter Zec lectures and movies of leading designers in the world
  • Access to knowledge of the Red Dot Institute (Red Dot Design Rankings, trend analyses)
  • Profiles and contact data of all Red Dot Ambassadors
  • Various articles and interviews about all Red Dot: Design Teams of the Year since 2003
  • Various articles and interviews about all Red Dot: Agencies of the Year since 2008
  • Various articles and interviews about the Red Dot: Brands of the Year since 2010
  • Option to book tickets for the Red Dot award-ceremonies and other events organised by Red Dot
  • 10 free tickets for all Red Dot Design Museums (Germany, Singapore, Xiamen) per year
  • Red Dot publications at reduced prices (50 per cent)
  • Option to set up your own profile, manage your account and invite up to two colleagues 

For more information please contact Ms Sabine Wöll, project manager of Red Dot Network.